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Cuyahoga County, Ohio


Life in the city

Cleveland developed quickly from the year 1832 onwards, when the work on the Ohio and Erie Canal was completed. When the digital library documentY Teithiwr Americanaidd (The American Traveler) was published in 1837, the Rev. Edward Jones noted that there were a multitude of Welsh people there and by 1872 about 400 were living in the city according to Iorthryn Gwynedd. We can assume that the iron mills, the oil works and the factories drew them to the city.

Two Welsh churches were established in Cleveland during the 1870s. digital library documentMore information can be found in Hanes Cymry America (A History of the Welsh in America) >>

Digitized materials held at NLW

digital library documentNLW 6426D: Letters from emigrants &c
Two letters written in Welsh, dated 24 July and 25 December 1879, from T. Evans, Cleveland to his family in Llanwenog parish in Cardiganshire (English translation available).

A short description of Cleveland can be found in:

digital library documentEdward Jones, Y Teithiwr Americanaidd (Aberystwyth, 1837), p.22 (Only available in Welsh)

digital library documentR. D. Thomas, Hanes Cymry America (A History of the Welsh in America) (Utica, 1872), pp.115 - 117
The book also includes information about digital library documentNewburgh and digital library documentBedford, Cuyahoga County.

Materials digitized in Ohio

digital library documentCleveland Eisteddfod Program (1898)