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Mahoning County, Ohio

Youngstown and Crab Creek


Many Welsh people were drawn to the town of Youngstown in the second half of the nineteenth century because of the work opportunities available there in the rolling mills and the coal and iron works. It is believed that over 800 Welsh people lived in the area in 1872 and this figure increased to around 1,500 in 1890.

The Congregationalists, the Baptists and the Calvinist Methodists had chapels in Youngstown.
digital library documentSee Hanes Cymry America (A History of the Welsh in America) by R. D. Thomas for more information >>

The Welsh convened to hold successful eisteddfodau in Youngstown, and one of the most important events of the Welsh calendar, at the end of the nineteenth century, was the annual reunion of the Welsh Pioneers Association of Trumbull and Mahoning Counties.

Crab Creek

The village of Crab Creek is located approx. 2 miles to the north of Youngstown. According to R. D. Thomas, Thomas Morgan - the manager of the local coal-mine - was one of the first Welshmen to settle here. The settlement gradually developed and by 1872 it is estimated that 250 Welsh people had made their home in the area. For more information about the Congregationalist church which was established in Crab Creek, turn to digital library documentHanes Cymry America (A History of the Welsh in America) >>

Digitized Materials

digital library documentNLW 21578E: The Register of the Welsh Pioneers of Trumbull and Mahoning Counties (1898 - 1922) (English and Welsh)

digital library documentNLW 21577E: The Minute Book of the Welsh Pioneers Association of Trumbull and Mahoning Counties, Ohio (1895-1905) (Welsh; English newspaper cuttings)

digital library documentDiary of Lewis Humphreys (1866-1868)

digital library documentLetter by E. and Mary Evans and children, Youngstown

digital library documentAutograph album with entries by individuals from Ohio

1776 - Bi-Centennial - 1976 Gymanfa Ganu Program
Youngstown [?]
digital library documentEnglish program >>

Short descriptions of Youngstown and Crab Creek can be found in:

digital library documentR. D. Thomas, Hanes Cymry America (A History of the Welsh in America) (Utica, 1872), pp. 118 - 119