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Meigs County, Ohio

Pomeroy, Minersville and Syracause

According to an article by W. G. Morgan published in Y Drych on 8 October 1908, the first Welsh people to move to the Jefferson and Pomeroy area were Thomas Edwards and his family who came originally from Denbigh in north-east Wales. They arrived in the area in 1839 and during the following decade, more and more of the Welsh were drawn to Pomeroy by the work opportunities offered by the coal mines. The California Gold Fever was apparently very dominant in the town in the beginning of the fifties, and letters sent home by one family from Wales testify to that fever. Hannah Morgan mentioned in a digital library documentletter to John William, Rhymni, that her husband had gone to California and in digital library documentanother letter she says that they intend to move there as a family.

Meigs County

Meigs County
The digital library documentCalvinistic Methodists and the digital library documentCongregationalists built a chapel in Pomeroy in 1847 and the following year another chapel was built by the digital library documentBaptists.

The Welsh settled in Minersville and Syracuse as well, as there were many coal mines and salt works there.
digital library documentSee the notes written by R. D. Thomas ('Iorthryn Gwynedd') >>

W. G. Morgan noted that nearly all the Welsh had moved away from this area by the beginning of the twentieth century.

Digitized materials held at NLW

digital library documentThe Acrefair papers - the letters of Hannah Morgan, Coalport, Meigs County and the letters of the Rev. John Williams, Pomeroy, Meigs County

A short description of Pomeroy, Minersville and Syracause can be found in:
digital library documentR. D. Thomas, Hanes Cymry America (the History of the Welsh in America) (Utica, 1872), pp. 124 - 127.

Materials digitized in Ohio

digital library documentRecord book of The Welsh Congregational Conference of Southern Ohio (Y Gymanfa), 1871-1975 [parts in English and Welsh]

digital library documentManuscript material belonging to David J. Morgan of Nantcwnlle, Cardiganshire and of Jackson County, Ohio, 1835-1859 [parts in English and Welsh]

General Bibliography

W. G. Morgan, 'Pomeroy 50 mlynedd yn ol a heddyw' (Pomeroy 50 years ago and today), Y Drych (8 October 1908)