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Tuscarawas County, Ohio

At present no materials relating to the Welsh in Tuscarawas County have been digitized as part of the Wales-Ohio Project.

Patti Feller, 'The Welsh in Tuscarawas County, Ohio' (2009)

Jeremia Reeves was born in Dorset, England, but grew up learning the iron works trade in Wales, having moved there with his family when he was just an infant. He later married a young woman from St. Clears, Jane

Mr. Reeves eventually moved from Pennsylvania to Niles, Ohio and started a sucessful iron works business there, with his brother, Jabez. He later purchased the nearly defunct Dover Iron Mill in Dover, Ohio and turned it into a financial success after much hard work.

Later, Mr. Reeves founded the J. E. Reeves Steel Mill. Many immigrants came to this area because there was work at the mill and in coal mines Mr. Reeves also owned. Jane Rees Reeves' brother, James, also became a successful business man and highly regarded citizen of Dover.

Jane Rees Reeves' other brother, Thomas, was a cabinet maker and emigrated from St.Clears to Dover in around 1892. He did much of the beautiful carving in the Reeves family home, which along with it's carriage house, is a fine museum today. We here in Dover are very proud of it.

There are many proud Welsh descendents in Tuscarawas County. Many of their ancestors came to this area because of Jeremia Reeves.

Patti Feller
The J.E. Reeves Home & Museum,
320 East Iron Ave.,
Dover, Ohio 44622