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This section lists all the materials which have been digitized as part of the Wales-Ohio Project. A selection of audio and video clips is also available. Audio and video >>

The Digital Library currently contains 11517 images from 210 items.
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1840-1954The Saga of The Central South Welsh Congregational Association and Y Gymanfa, 1840-1954
History of the chapels in the Oak Hill area, the Gymanfa and a list of ministers.
Collection: NLW ;   Language: English; (25 images)
1840-1848Letters to David Howell, Machynlleth
A letter sent by William Bebb to his cousin, David Howell, and three other letters sent by the Rev. B. W. Chidlaw. One of them includes a list of deaths in the Paddy's Run neighborhood in 1841.
Collection: NLW ;   Language: English; (14 images)
1854-1944Account book of Tabor Church and Peniel Church, 1854-1944
Account and minute book of Tabor Church (1854-1867) and Peniel Church (1870-1944), Gallia County.
Collection: Ohio/ Madog ;   Language: English+Welsh; (146 images)
1871-1975Record book of The Welsh Congregational Conference of Southern Ohio (Y Gymanfa), 1871-1975
Record book of The Welsh Congregational Conference of Southern Ohio (also referred to as the Central South Association of Welsh Congregational Churches), containing a copy of the Constitution; list of the locations of the Gymanfa across the state since 1871 and minutes and notes of the annual meetings.
Collection: Ohio/ Oak Hill ;   Language: English+Welsh; (419 images)
1980-1983Gwledd Dewi Sant, Oak Hill and Columbus (1980-1983)
Programs of the "Gwledd Dewi Sant" held in Oak Hill (1980, 1982 and 1983) and Columbus (1983).
Collection: NLW ;   Language: English+Welsh; (16 images)
2003The history of the Congregational Church, Shandon, Ohio (Shandon, Ohio, 2003)
The history of the first two hundred years of ministry at Shandon Congregational Church, 1803-2003, with a list of pastors of the church. The church, now known as The United Church of Christ, Shandon, Ohio held several bicentennial events in celebration, which are listed in the booklet.
Collection: NLW ;   Language: English; (28 images)

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