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This section lists all the materials which have been digitized as part of the Wales-Ohio Project. A selection of audio and video clips is also available. Audio and video >>

The Digital Library currently contains 11517 images from 210 items.
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1840-1954The Saga of The Central South Welsh Congregational Association and Y Gymanfa, 1840-1954
History of the chapels in the Oak Hill area, the Gymanfa and a list of ministers.
Collection: NLW ;   Language: English; (25 images)
1890Letter from Richard Manuel of Shandon, Butler County to his brother D[avid] Manuel, 1890
Photocopy of a letter from Richard Manuel of Shandon, Butler County, addressed to his brother D[avid] Manuel, dated March 30, 1890. He thanks for the letter he has received from his brother. Family matters and the weather are discussed. End of the letter was used at a later time to list the names of the Manuel family.
Collection: Ohio/ Private: Nina Redmon;   Language: English; (3 images)
1892Diary of Thomas H. Jones of Lima, Allen County, 1892
A notebook used as a diary by Thomas H. Jones of Lima, Allen County with brief entries for the period May 11 to November 10, 1892 (with some gaps). Each entry begins with a daily observation on the weather and continues with a brief note in either English or Welsh of his day. He used a memorandum book that was made to the farmers and mechanics of The W. K. Boone Company, Lima, where he was a book-keeper.
Collection: Ohio/ Gomer ;   Language: English+Welsh; (44 images)
1979Commemorative oak tree planting at Oak Hill, Ohio and Aberaeron, Wales, May 25, 1979
The collection contains a program for the ceremony of planting a commemorative tree at the Welsh-American Heritage Museum, Oak Hill and in Alban Square, Aberaeron on May 25, 1979, with excerpt from the presentations; a program card for the ceremony held on the same day at the Memorial Hall, Aberaeron on the presentation of a plaque to commemorate the emigration to Ohio from Aberaeron Pier 1818-1848; and a newspaper cutting recounting the ceremonies held in Aberaeron, Ceredigion.
Collection: Ohio/ Oak Hill ;   Language: English+Welsh; (9 images)
1980Evan Edward Davis, Industrial History, Oak Hill, Ohio (Portsmouth : Ohio, 1980)
The history of the main industries in the Oak Hill area, Jackson County, and the Welsh pioneers who founded them.
Collection: NLW ;   Language: English; (170 images)
n.d.Short newspaper article on Gymanfa Ganu and "Noson Lawen" held in Gomer, Allen County
Newspaper cutting 1983(?)
Collection: NLW ;   Language: English; (1 image)

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