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This section lists all the materials which have been digitized as part of the Wales-Ohio Project. A selection of audio and video clips is also available. Audio and video >>

The Digital Library currently contains 11517 images from 210 items.
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1857-1898Record book of Nebo Church, 1857-1898
Record book of Nebo Congregational Church used to record financial accounts together with lists of members and their contributions to the ministry; list of baptisms and burials and names of trustees.
Collection: Ohio/ Oak Hill ;   Language: English+Welsh; (90 images)
1890-1952Photographic collection of the Welsh-American Heritage Museum, Oak Hill
The collection consists of 19 photographs from the Welsh-American Heritage Museum, Oak Hill. A photograph of Evan C. Jones and Elizabeth, his wife of Jackson County, c. 1890 with a newspaper cutting of an obituary of their son, Evan C. Jones (d. 1910) attached to the mount; a group portrait of Rev. W. R. Evans and others; and a family portrait of the family of Rees[e] N. Edwards of Jackson County form part of this collection. There are several photographs taken at Nebo Church, Gallia County: a photograph of Rev. A. R. Jones and his family outside the parsonage of Nebo Church c. 1908 and another of them standing near Nebo, circa 1912; there are also photographs, taken in the early 1960s, of various ministers and members of the congregation standing in the pulpit and a photograph of a crowd at noon outside the church. A group of photographs relating to Soar Church, Jackson County, also forms part of the collection: a photograph of Soar Church, a reunion at Soar Church, 1927 and a reunion of an unknown date. A photograph of Welsh Americans in Welsh costume, Ironton, 1913; a photograph of Sardis Church, Jackson County and of teachers and pupils of Jaimes School, Jackson County, 1896 is included, together with a photograph of the Old Jefferson Furnace and employees, 1896 and The Aetna Fire Brick Company employees, 1941 of Oak Hill, Jackson County. Also, a photograph of the workers that built a road in the cemetery at Horeb Church, 1952.
Collection: Ohio/ Oak Hill ; (27 images)
1918Story of the Welsh Pioneers (1918)
The published booklet tells how six families including thirty-four persons came to Jackson and Gallia counties in 1818. It was read by Virgil H. Evans (a direct descendant of one of the six leaders, and who lives on one of the original farms) at the Centennial at Centerville, Ohio on August 29, 1918.
Collection: Ohio/ Madog ;   Language: English; (16 images)
2003Elinor Ann Ingham, 'Analysis of the sources relating to the emigration of the pioneers of 1818 from Cilcennin, Cardiganshire to Gallia/Jackson, Ohio' (MScEcon Thesis, University of Wales Aberystwyth, 2003)
A dissertation which focuses on the analysis of sources relating to the pioneers who emigrated from Cilcennin, Cardiganshire to Gallia and Jackson Counties, Ohio in 1818. As an early example within the history of the exodus from Wales to America, the background to emigration is investigated and an account of a particular group of families with details of the individuals, their journey, settlements, and their descendants are provided.
Collection: NLW ;   Language: English; (89 images)
n.d.Blotting-paper of The Cambria Clay Products Co., Blackfork, Ohio
Blotting-paper of The Cambria Clay Products Co., Blackfork, Jackson County, Ohio advertising Silica Brick “Sharon” Brand.
Collection: Ohio/ Private: Evan E. and Elizabeth F. Davis, Oak Hill;   Language: English; (2 images)

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