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This section lists all the materials which have been digitized as part of the Wales-Ohio Project. A selection of audio and video clips is also available. Audio and video >>

The Digital Library currently contains 11517 images from 210 items.
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1833-1983Gomer's First 150 Years (Vol. I)
The Allen County Reporter, Vol. No. XXIX, 1983, No.2.
Courtesy of the Executive Committee of the Allen County Historical Society.
Collection: NLW ;   Language: English; (51 images)
1852-1865Acrefair Papers
A letter by Thos. and Margaret Mickael, Coalport, Meigs County as well as a series of letters recounting the sad tale of William and Hannah Morgan and their children on a journey from Ohio to California.
The story of William and Hannah Morgan (Features) >>
Collection: NLW ;   Language: English+Welsh; (27 images)
1859-1868Diary of Lewis Humphreys (1859-1866)
The first diary, 1859-1866 of Lewis Humphreys of Penybanc, near Bronwydd Arms, Carmarthenshire, who emigrated to America in 1855. After landing in Philadelphia he moved to Youngstown, Ohio, and thence to Kentucky. By May 1859, he joined an expedition to Pikes Peak in search of gold, and the trials and tribulations of his journey is described in the diary, along with his expedition to Montana in March 1866 which continues into a second diary.
Collection: NLW ;   Language: English+Welsh; (118 images)
1872R. D. Thomas, Hanes Cymry America (A History of the Welsh in America) (Utica, 1872) [English translation]
The first attempt to recount the history of the Welsh in the United States. The volume also includes useful information about the voyage and information about the Welsh press and its publications in America. The state of Ohio is described in Chapter 5.
English translation by Phillips G. Davies.
Collection: NLW ;   Language: English; (538 images)
1883Letters to 'S. R.', 1825-1884
Letter dated 19 January 1883 from Paddy’s Run by Mary Vaughan to her cousin, with a copy of a reply by her cousin, S[amuel] R[oberts]. A short letter noting the death of his friend, David Howell, blacksmith, and that William Jones of Allen County attended the funeral. He had received a letter from Wales which stated that Cousin Richard Roberts is unwell.
Collection: NLW ;   Language: English; (4 images)
n.d.Map of Sugar Creek Township, Allen County
Map (2 inches to the mile) of Sugar Creek Townships 2 & 3 South, Range 6 East, Allen County. The map indicates how the land has been divided into parcels and names those who own those parcels.
Collection: Ohio/ Gomer ;   Language: English; (2 images)

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