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Letters from Emigrants

A letter by Gryffith Thomas in Delaware and a letter by Jenkin T. Jenkins, Centerville, Gallia County.

[Miscellaneous correspondence]

Collection: LLGC

Date: 1846-1851

Counties: Delaware;Gallia;

Number of images: 8

•   letter : Delaware, June 18, 1846. 'Fy hoff hen gyfaill Thomas Evans'.
Letter dated 17 June 1846 from Gryffith Thomas, Delaware, to Thomas Evans, Llanfynydd. He begins his letter by asking for news of his daughters in Wales and sends his regards to his friends and family. He bought 100 acres of land the previous year for $300. He cleared the land and built a house on it He has bought another 100 acres this year for the same price. There are details of his livestock and the tax he pays. He notes the prices of stock (sheep, cattle, pigs, horses), the price of food (wheat flour, flour, beef, pork, butter, tea, sugar), wool and wheat. He says he has already cut the wheat and it is still only the middle of June. He also gives details of wages for men and women. On the back of the letter he notes that there are hundreds of Welsh settlers in the Delaware area and that the Dissenters [prob. Independents] and the Calvinistic Methodists worship together.
•   [Miscellaneous letters]
Letter dated 5 March 1851 by Jenkin T. Jenkins, Centreville, to Daniel Jenkins, Gwaryfelin, Llangwyryfron. He has lost 10 sheep and a four year old horse. He only has one horse left. There is very little wheat. He notes that thousands have died of cholera and other diseases. He recounts the family's history and notes that the Welsh marry other Welsh people in the area. He has 28 acres and has purchased another 11 acres a year ago. He enquires whether it would be possible for him to receive Peter William's large Bible. He says that he will pay for it.