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The collection consists of 19 photographs from the Welsh-American Heritage Museum, Oak Hill. A photograph of Evan C. Jones and Elizabeth, his wife of Jackson County, c. 1890 with a newspaper cutting of an obituary of their son, Evan C. Jones (d. 1910) attached to the mount; a group portrait of Rev. W. R. Evans and others; and a family portrait of the family of Rees[e] N. Edwards of Jackson County form part of this collection. There are several photographs taken at Nebo Church, Gallia County: a photograph of Rev. A. R. Jones and his family outside the parsonage of Nebo Church c. 1908 and another of them standing near Nebo, circa 1912; there are also photographs, taken in the early 1960s, of various ministers and members of the congregation standing in the pulpit and a photograph of a crowd at noon outside the church. A group of photographs relating to Soar Church, Jackson County, also forms part of the collection: a photograph of Soar Church, a reunion at Soar Church, 1927 and a reunion of an unknown date. A photograph of Welsh Americans in Welsh costume, Ironton, 1913; a photograph of Sardis Church, Jackson County and of teachers and pupils of Jaimes School, Jackson County, 1896 is included, together with a photograph of the Old Jefferson Furnace and employees, 1896 and The Aetna Fire Brick Company employees, 1941 of Oak Hill, Jackson County. Also, a photograph of the workers that built a road in the cemetery at Horeb Church, 1952.

Collection: Ohio/Oak Hill

Date: 1890-1952

Counties: Gallia;Jackson;

Number of images: 27