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The collection consists of 23 various photographs from Gomer Welsh Community Museum, Allen County relating to Gomer unless otherwise stated. A photograph of Will L. Evans of Evans and Griffith with his huckster wagon; a group of photographs of Gomer Welsh Congregational Church ladies wearing the Welsh national costume and photographs of Welshmen and women taken on Tom Price farm form part of this collection, together with photographs of G. W. Griffiths, storekeeper of the General Store in Gomer; a photograph of the staff of W. K. Boone Co. Hardware Store, Lima standing outside the shop; a photograph of the home of Dr Richard E. Jones with his family standing outside and another of him standing in front of a log cabin described as an 'office of 1855' in Gomer, 1890-1905. There is a photograph of Bethel Church and school house in Leatherwood near Gomer, a photograph of teachers and pupils of Leatherwood school, 1886 and of Leatherwood school reunion outside Bethel Church. There are several photographs of houses with their occupiers standing in front of them, including a photograph of a house built by Dr John Davis where the present church parsonage now stands; the Thomas homestead; the log cabin of Thomas and Esther Williams; the home of Josiah Jones (1807-1887), together with a photograph of Dr and Mrs Davis; a portrait photograph of Morris Thomas family and a photograph of Thomas H. Jones (1835-1914) and of Susan Francis Jones his wife, of Lima, Allen County [Josiah Jones' son and daughter-in-law]. A photograph of the interior of Gomer Congregational Church is also included.

Collection: Ohio/Gomer

Date: 1886-1910

Counties: Allen;

Number of images: 34