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The collection consists of a photograph of Salem Presbyterian Church, Venedocia, Van Wert County under construction, c. 1898 and of the completed building with the congregation standing outside, 1898; a photograph of the pupils of Jonestown School, Van Wert, 1916; a group of photographs of Horeb Church, Venedocia showing the exterior and the interior of the frame church (pre-1905) and the brick church (post-1905) and a photograph of the teachers and students (with Anna Mary Jones as one of the leaders) of the Vacation Bible School, Venedocia, standing outside Salem Church, 1925.

Collection: Ohio/Private(Eglwys Bresbyteraidd Salem Presbyterian Church, Venedocia)

Date: c. 1898-1925

Counties: Van Wert;

Number of images: 9