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Emigration: The new world

It is difficult for us to imagine the scenes on board ship when the mainland would finally appear on the horizon. There would be great excitement and happiness and the voyagers must have felt so relieved when they realized that the voyage was about to end and that they would soon be able to walk on dry land once more.

This was the end of the journey for some. There were plenty of work opportunities in the cities for servants, maids, craftsmen and businessmen but for others, who had set their heart on buying land, there was another troublesome journey ahead of them.

The story of the journey of the "1818 Welsh" is still told today. This is a story of a group of emigrants leaving the Cilcennin area of Ceredigion in 1818. After a voyage of almost two months - and the loss of a little girl at sea - the "1818 Welsh" landed in Chesapeake Bay. They then proceeded in wagons to Pittsburgh and from there on flat boats down the Ohio River. These pioneers intended to settle in Paddy's Run in western Ohio but they never reached that community. The group decided to end their travels in Gallipolis and settled in southeast Ohio.

As the country developed it became a little easier to travel across America. The emigrants could travel by canal or steamboat, for example, or by railroad. Officers in the cities sold travel tickets to the emigrants and advised them on the best places for them to settle. With the help of men like Cadwaladr Richards or John W. Jones in New York, the Welsh could reach the end of their journey in safety.

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