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T. H. J., 'Another Pioneer Gone', The Cambrian, Vol. XIV, No. 3 (March 1894), p. 96.

Mary Nicholas, wife of James, Nicholas, of Gomer, O., passed peacefully away Sunday morning, January 7th 1894, at the ripe age of four score and four years. She was a native of Llanbrynmair, Montgomeryshire, Wales. She came to this country with her parents when seven years of age, crossing the great Atlantic in the sailing vessel Clio, which was eleven weeks in making the voyage. Of the many Welsh passengers who were her companions on that voyage, but one is now left, Mrs Marcy C. Scott, of Butler County.

Mrs Nicholas' parents after arriving in America, settled at Paddy's Run, Butler County, O., in the year 1817, where she spent her youth and where she was united in marriage with James Nicholas. In the year 1833 she, in company with her husband and two other families, came to Northwestern Ohio, and after a long and tedious march through the forest and wilderness settled where is now the village of Gomer, being the first settlers and the founders of what is now known as the prosperous and flourishing Welsh settlement of Gomer. They camped at first by the side of a large log on the banks of Pike Run, and near where the village of Gomer now stands.

The covered wagon was their home and resting place until they built a log cabin, and there in the primeval forest they toiled and labored and endured hardships and privations that but few in the present age know anything about; and we in this age owe much of the prosperity we enjoy to the hardy and faithful pioneers that conquered over all
obstacles and made even the wilderness bloom like the rose. They afterwards built a hewed log house, which was so well known to nearly everybody in the counties around as the home of Esq. Nicholas, then in course of time to the fine brick dwelling and where she ended her long and active life.

The funeral services were held at her late residence, Tuesday, January 6th, Rev. J. Francis Davies of Lima, and Rev. W. M. Davies of Gomer, officiating. The Gomer choir furnished music appropriate for the occasion. Her remains were then taken to the Tawelan Cemetery, that beautiful city of the dead where so many of her friends and acquaintances are buried; there she was laid away to rest the last long sleep. The funeral was one of the largest held in the neighborood.

She leaves her aged husband, three children, fourteen grandchildren and seventeen great-grandchildren. Two of her children departed this life before her, viz. Richard and James Nicholas, and by whose side she was laid to rest. The children living are, Mrs Jane Patrick and Martha Ann Nicholas, Gomer, and D. D. Nicholas, of Knoxville, Tenn.

Mrs Nicholas was a woman of extraordinary intelligence, a faithful and tender mother, kind neighbor, always ready and willing to comfort the sick, help the needy and relieve the distressed, and she was respected and loved by all who knew her. A good woman, who did well her duty, has gone to her reward.