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The First Settlers in Horeb

Prof. D. J. Evans, 'First Settlers in the Horeb Neighbourhood (Jackson Co., Ohio), The Cambrian, Vol. V, No. 2, p. 52.

Inquiries have been made as to who were the first Welsh to settle in the "Horeb Neighborhood." While I have no leisure now to gather extensive data for a historical paper, yet I can reply that the neighborhood was settled in 1837. David Edwards, "Gellyhir," in early summer came to the country and bought the land afterwards owned by his son-in-law, John E. Evans. Probably he did not buy all the land owned by Mr. Evans. But what David Edwards bought was afterward owned by Mr. Evans. In the same summer, six weeks later, my father, Joshua Evans, and his father, David Evans, [italilc:"Wern,"] came to the same neighborhood, and on the second day after their arrival, my father bought the 40 acres on which he lived the rest of his life.

As my grandfather was very old, and entirely ignorant of English, my father, shortly after their arrival, bought another 40 acre lot for grandfather, the lot on which Mr. Jenkin D. Davis now lives.

In the ship in which my father came, was Mr. James Jenkins, father of Rev. D. Jenkins, of Jackson, and he bought the farm, I think, on which his widow and son afterward lived so long. I believe that during the winter of 1837-8, these four families, viz. Mr David Edwards, Joshua Evans, Mr David Evans, "Wern," and Mr. James Jenkins, were the only Welsh families within what is now called the "Horeb Neighborhood."
Dafydd J. Evans