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The Cambrian: a magazine for Welsh Americans (1880-1919)

Wynebddalen The Cambrian

During the years 1880 to 1919, The Cambrian was one of the most popular magazines read by Welsh Americans. Following the digitisation of this magazine as part of the Wales-Ohio Project at the National Library of Wales, a new bilingual website will present almost 19,000 images of its pages. It will be launched and made available at the beginning of November 2009.

A mine of information

The Cambrian contains a wealth of information about Welsh Americans, their communities and history across the United States. Among the materials that can be found in The Cambrian are:
• biographical articles
• historical articles
• notices of births, deaths and marriages
• directories of Welsh-American individuals

A digital resource

This website will enable users to browse all pages of The Cambrian, as well as make specific searches into its text. This means that users can browse:
• specific types of articles
• articles relating to individual US states

The website will also give special attention to the State of Ohio in a section dedicated entirely to Ohio materials in The Cambrian. Users will be able to browse:
• articles relating to individual counties in Ohio
• extensive lists of Ohio individual names
• extensive lists of Ohio place-names in the text

The importance of The Cambrian today

The Cambrian is a valuable resource for any individuals or groups with an interest in Welsh-American history and literature. It will serve to strengthen links between Wales and America, and prove beneficial not only to family history enthusiasts and scholars but also students, researchers and the general public.


The Cambrian
This website, along with the Wales-Ohio website, has been made possible by a generous donation by Evan E. and Elizabeth F. Davis, Oak Hill, Ohio.

For further information, please contact:
Digital Developments, The National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth, Ceredigion, SY23 3BU.
Phone: +44 (0)1970 632800