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Samuel Milton Jones (1846 - 1904)

Samuel Milton Jones
Samuel Milton Jones was born in the county of Caernarvonshire in north Wales in 1846. His family emigrated to America when he was three years old and he worked in the oil fields of Pennsylvania and Ohio. He gained experience and knowledge of the oil industry and he managed to save enough to form his own oil company as well as a company which manufactured oil-drilling equipment in Toledo, Ohio. He was very successful, partly due to his fair employment policies. He was determined that workers should earn enough to keep their families and he asked them to work hard, be trustworthy and follow the golden rule. Jones promised a fair wage and safe working conditions to those willing to do so and because of his regulations he became known as Samuel "Golden Rule" Jones. He was elected mayor of Toledo four times between 1897 and 1903 despite opposition from some businessmen. During this period, he introduced holiday pay and an 8-hour working day for urban workers.

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