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John Jones TirbachJohn Jones Tirbach
Pioneer and leader of the first group of Welsh settlers to Southern Ohio. More information can be found on the Jackson and Gallia page
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Ezekiel Hughes (1766 - 1849)Ezekiel Hughes (1766 - 1849)
Pioneer and leader of the first Welsh settlers from Llanbryn-mair to Ohio in 1795
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John Jones Tyn RhosJohn Jones Tyn Rhos
An early Welsh settler and one of the charter members of Tyn Rhos Church, Gallia County, Ohio
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William Bebb (1802 - 1873)William Bebb (1802 - 1873)
Schoolmaster, lawyer and Ohio's 19th Governor (1846-1849)
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Edward JonesEdward Jones
Minister and author of Y Teithiwr Americanaidd
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Benjamin Chidlaw (1811 - 1892)Benjamin Chidlaw (1811 - 1892)
Minister, first commissioned missionary of the American Sunday School Union and author of Yr American
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Evan and Elizabeth DavisEvan and Elizabeth Davis
The Wales-Ohio Website owes its existence to the vision, enthusiasm and generosity of Evan and Elizabeth Davis, of Oak Hill, Ohio
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Samuel Milton Jones (1846 - 1904)Samuel Milton Jones (1846 - 1904)
Inventor, manufacturer and political reformer nicknamed "Golden Rule Jones"
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