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NLW 9521A: the Notebook of R. D. Thomas ('Iorthryn Gwynedd')

NLW 9521A: America: neu Amrywiaeth o Nodiadau am yr Unol Daleithiau; Buddiol i Ymfudwyr. Gan Iorthryn Gwynedd. Ysgrifennwyd ganddo ar ei Deithiau in Efrog, Ohio, a Pennsylvania o Mai 1851 hyd Mai 1852 (America or Divers notes on the United States that are useful for immigrants)

NLW 9521A
This small notebook was written in 1851 by R. D. Thomas ('Iorthryn Gwynedd'), while he was traveling in the United States to raise money to pay for the debts of his chapels. He visited many Welsh settlements in the state of Ohio and he noted various observations in a notebook.

He described the community of Sugar Creek, Allen County, Paddy's Run, Newark, Licking County and Columbus for example and there are also notes on other states and cities, such as Iowa and Kentucky, Pittsburgh, Ebensburgh, Philadelphia and New York. He noted the names of the Welsh people he had visited as he traveled from one community to another and he also included a long list of the names of the "Welsh from the motherland" at the end of the book.

One of the most interesting features of the notebook is the maps drawn by hand by him, such as:

Allen County, Ohio

Paddy's Run, Ohio



New York

In addition, there are maps of:
Talmadge, Summit County, Ohio;
Ebensburgh, Pennsylvania and
Utica, New York.

The notebook also includes general information to prospective immigrants regarding wages, the best places to buy "congress land" and the advantages of learning a trade in the United States.

An English translation of the notebook is held in the Welsh-American Heritage Museum of Oak Hill. The Museum's Catalog states that a typed English translation was given by David E. Morgan who received it from Prof. Claire Taylor of the University of Wales, Aberystwyth in 1973.

NLW 9521A: Contents

Contents page (Welsh) >>

Agriculture in Newark, Ohio (Welsh) >>

Measures - the Old Land - America (Welsh) >>
Prices - wages (Welsh) >>

Columbus, Ohio. Prices &c (Welsh) >>

Rail Roads - Sandusky & Newark &c (Welsh) >>
Rail Roads - Alabany & Buffalo (Welsh) >>

Hotels. Syracuse. Cleveland (Welsh) >>
Money - American & Mexican & Spanish (English) >>
Banks. Exchange &c (English) >>

Allen Co., Ohio - Cambria (Welsh) >>
Allen Co., Ohio - Lima (Welsh) >>
A journey from Lima to Cincinnati (Welsh) >>
Allen Co., extra notes (Welsh) >>

Paddy's Run
Paddy's Run. Notes on the place (Welsh) >>

Railroad. Cin: Hamilton & Dayton (Welsh) >>
A different railroad in Ohio (Welsh) >>

Poems (englynion). Mr Bebb, Browntownship, Ohio (Welsh) >>
The Bard - Gordon Jones, Paddy's Run (Welsh) >>
Gwilym the bard. His epitaph (Welsh) >>
(?) Henry Williams (Welsh) >>

Money in America. Foreign Exchange. (Welsh) >>

Wisconsin - the observations of G. Howel, Newark (Welsh) >>

Radnor - the cemetery (Welsh) >>
Radnor - superstition - the cane (Welsh) >>

Wrexham Tyddyn Mr Whiters &c (English) >>

Iowa - Notes on (Welsh) >>

Immigration - the number of immigrants to N. Y. in 1851 (English) >>

Winter 1851 in America. An immense coldness (English) >>

Josiah Brynmair. His address to Iorthryn (Welsh) >>
Immigrants (1851)

Oregon - guidance (Welsh) >>

Congress land: where to buy it? (Welsh) >>

Kentucky: Notes on (Welsh) >>

Cincinnati: Notes on the Welsh (Welsh) >>

Banks exploded (English) >>

A poem extolling teetotalism (Welsh) >>

Talmadge, Ohio. the Welsh (Welsh) >>

Wrexham: Tyddyn Whiters (Welsh) >>

The Guy Mannering: fellow travelers (Welsh) >>
(the names of those who traveled with Iorthryn Gwynedd on a journey from Liverpool to
New York in 1851 on board the Guy Mannering)

Craft - the advantages of learning a trade in America (Welsh) >>

Post Office - Treasury - Imports & Expts - Cotton Mills Newspapers, Publications - in America (English) >>

Ohio River: a Journey from Cincinnati to Pittsburgh (Welsh) >>
Pittsburgh, Pa. Notes (Welsh) >>

A poem (cywydd) by Iorwerth (Welsh) >>
An portrait by Iorwerth of Iorthryn Gwynedd (Welsh) >>

Pittsburgh: a sketch of (Welsh) >>
A journey from Pittsburgh to -Ebens - the Alleghany (Welsh) >>
Ebensburgh - a sketch of (Welsh) >>
Ebensburgh - Notes (Welsh) >>

The poetry of Curig, Montgomeryshire's poet (Welsh) >>
the poetry of the cobblers of Ebensburgh (Welsh) >>

A journey from Ebens to Philadelphia (Welsh) >>
Philadelphia: a sketch. Notes (Welsh) >>
Pennsylvania - the coal works of Phoenixville - Pottsville, Minersville &c (Welsh) >>

Oneida Co. N. Y. Mr Wm Williams (Welsh) >>
The old index to the Bible. Phila Abel Morgan (Welsh) >>

Oneida. N. Y. second visit (Welsh) >>
Lewis Co. N. Y. Turin, Tuckhill (Welsh) >>

Utica - Waterville (Welsh) >>
Final journey from Utica to New York (Welsh) >>
Uttica - a sketch of (Welsh) >>
New York - a sketch of (Welsh) >>
New York - Notes on (Welsh) >>

Ebensburgh Pa. the cemeteries (Welsh) >>

Who did I see from the Motherland? (Welsh) >>
In Turin and Tuckhill (Welsh) >>
In Uttica (Welsh) >>
In New York - Oriskany - Rome (Welsh) >>
In Floyd: Holland Patent (Welsh) >>
In Bethania - Deerfield. Paris Hill. Waterville (Welsh) >>
In Stuben, Penymynydd, Remsen, Bethel (Welsh) >>
In the city of New York (Welsh) >>
In Philadelphia (English) >>
In Philadelphia again (English) >>
In Philadelphia again (English) >>
In Ebensburg, Pa (Welsh) >>
In Pittsburgh (Welsh) >>
In Pottsville, Minersville &c (Welsh) >>
In Ohio: Youngstown, Palmyra, Talmadge,
Newark and Granville (Welsh) >>
Rynoldsburgh, Delaware, Troedrhiwdalar,
Radnor, Columbus (Welsh) >>

A purposeful journey to Pittston Ferry, Carbondale &c (Welsh) >>

Wisconsin - extra notes (Welsh) >>

Iowa, Illinois, Michigan, Minesota &c (Welsh) >>

A wedding in Philadelphia (English) >>

Certificate (English) >>

Europe in 1852. Notes (English) >>

Kossuth (English) >>

Poetry - the debt has been paid! (Welsh) >>
the poems (englynion) of John R. Jones (Welsh) >>
Misc poems (englynion) (Welsh) >>

The Rev. Josiah Hughes (Welsh) >>