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NLW 14111D: The Letters of Edward Peat


A series of more than 40 letters sent by Edward Peat to his brother Dafydd Peat, Glan-llyn, Llanbryn-mair, from Liverpool, Ebensburg and Gomer, Ohio, between 1868 - 1878.
Letters 1868 - 1887 >>

A letter by Edward Peat in Ebensburg noting his first impressions of the United States (August 1868) >>

A letter by Edward Peat in Gomer, discussing everyday life in Gomer, wages and building houses (June 1871) >>

A letter by Edward Peat in Gomer, describing the trees which grew in the district and the use made of different types of wood (February 1872) >>

A letter by Edward Peat in Gomer, discussing the weather and the price of animals and supplies (1 January 1873)>>

A letter by Edward Peat in Gomer describing Lima's town center and shops. He describes how criminals were punished, as well as giving an account of the new chapel and the minister, and details of the prices of supplies (7 December 1875)>>

The manuscript also includes:

A letter from Edward Peat in Gomer, Ohio, to his mother in Dol-fach, Llanbryn-mair (1875) >>

A letter from Morris Peat in Ebensburg, Pennsylvania, to his brother, Edward Peat, Braichodnant, Llanbryn-mair >>

Letters by Morris Peat in Iowa to his brother, Dafydd Peat, Glan-llyn, Llanbryn-mair (1869-1887) >>

A letter from Morris Peat, Iowa City, to his mother and his family (1874) >>

A letter from Ann Peat, the daughter of Edward Peat, to her uncle, Dafydd, written on board ship (1868) >>
Translation available >>

Letters by Edward Peat, the eldest son of Edward and Elizabeth Peat, Gomer, Ohio, to his uncle Dafydd Peat (1878-1883) >>