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Everyday life in Ohio

A selection of materials from the Digital Library describing the everyday life of the Welsh settlers in Ohio

Virgil H. Evans, The Family Tree of John Jones (Tirbach), elder or Patriarch of the Welsh Settlement of Jackson and Gallia (Columbus, 1929)

John Jones Tirbach and his descendants

John Jones Tirbach
and his descendants
A book which has the family tree of John Jones, Tirbach, and the history of the "the Welsh of 1818". It was drawn up by Virgil H. Evans, one of the descendants of John Evans, Penlanlas.

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digital library documentVirgil H. Evans's description of the wooden cabin built by his grandfather (John Evans, Penlanlas) (English) >>
digital library documentHis grandmother's cooking methods and the equipment used by her (English) >>
digital library documentHow the early wooden cabins were furnished (English) >>
digital library documentGoing to market in Centerville to sell eggs (English) >>
digital library documentUsing the spinning wheel (English) >>
digital library document"The Tale of Pot" (English) >> which is the story of the pot taken over to Ohio by the cohort of John Jones, Tirbach, in 1818.

William R. Evans, History of Welsh Settlements in Jackson and Gallia Counties of Ohio, O. (Utica, 1896)

The first chapter of this book describes the difficult circumstances of the first Welsh settlers in southeast Ohio.

digital library documentEveryday life for the pioneers in the Oak Hill area >>

The Letters of Jack Edwards (NLW 20995)

Jack Edwards' letters give us a picture of a Welshman's life in Cincinnati during
Jack Edwards

Jack Edwards
the 1880s.

Amongst them there are letters describing:

digital library documentChildren's presents, Christmas 1881 (English) >>

digital library documentThe snow in Cincinnati and the sledges (English) >>

digital library documentThe Welsh having a picnic on the banks of the Ohio, 4 July 1883 (English) >>

digital library documentBonfires on election night 1883 (English) >>

digital library documentThe cold winter of 1885 (English) >>

The notes of Iorthryn Gwynedd

Between May 1851 and May 1852, R. D. Thomas (Iorthryn Gwynedd) went on a journey through New York state, Ohio and Pennsylvania. He recorded his observations on the development of the country and the Welsh settlements in a comprehensive journal, called: America: neu Amrywiaeth o Nodiadau am yr Unol Daleithiau; Buddiol i Ymfudwyr (America: miscellaneous notes about the United States; useful for emigrants) By Iorthryn Gwynedd (NLW 9521A).

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digital library documentItem on wages in Newark (English) >>

digital library documentItem on wages in Columbus (English) >>

digital library documentA description of a market in Columbus (Only available in Welsh) >>

digital library documentInformation about banks and paper money (English) >>

Gomer's First 150 Years

"I remember the cold winter nights as we sat by the fire, while outside, the wind howled through the forest that surrounded our cabin; the snow sifted through the old clapboard roof, and onto our beds in the loft." digital library documentGomer's First 150 Years
Some of the recollections of Gomer residents were published in this small volume: Gomer's First 150 Years (Vol. I), The Allen County Reporter, Vol. No. XXIX, 1983, No.2

digital library documentTheir stories (English)>>

digital library documentMore reminiscences (English) >>

A Letter from Washington County, Ohio (NLW 13594C)

Letter dated 10 August 1849 by Eliza [?], Lower Salem, Washington County, describing her new home. She writes about the kitchen and making cheese and also about the school in Marietta.

digital library documentLetter (English) >>

The Letters of Edward Peat (NLW 14111D)

Envelope (1 January 1873)

Envelope (1 January 1873)

Edward Peat and his family emigrated to America in 1868 and they settled in the Gomer area, Allen County, Ohio. The family managed to secure forty acres of flat and fertile land to farm.

digital library documentLetter describing their new home (Welsh; English translation) >>

Edward came across many things which amazed him about this new country, such as how impressive the town of Lima was, for example. He gives a detailed description of the shops and the town center in one of his letters.

digital library documentOriginal letter (Welsh; English translation) >>