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The iron, coal and brick industries

A selection of material from the Digital Library about the iron, coal and brick industries in Ohio

Evan E. Davis, Industrial History, Oak Hill (Portsmouth, 1973)

A book which introduces the history of the main industries in the area Oak Hill.

The Welsh founded three iron furnaces in Jackson County, called Jefferson, Cambria and Limestone. The Jefferson furnace was successful but the other two failed.

The Welsh pioneers were prominent in the forming of the early industries and an account of a part of their story can be read in the first chapter of this volume :
"Many who settled here possessed unusual industry, vision, and the ambition to make good the honest way regardless how much hard work was involved in the process. Our fine churches, schools and other institution are monuments to their enlightenment as several shared their success with the entire community. The pioneers of industry were those great men who organized and operated our first industries."
digital library documentIndustrial History, Oak Hill, p.7

digital library documentCHAPTER 1:
digital library documentJ. Edward Jones (English) >>
digital library documentAnna M. Davis (English) >>
digital library documentJohn D. Davis >>
digital library documentHon. Lot Davis >>
digital library documentHon. T. L. Hughes >>
digital library documentJohn J. Jones, Tyn Rhos >>
digital library documentMoses Morgan >>
digital library documentJohn J. Thomas >>
digital library documentThe Davis Family, Glo Bryn >>
digital library documentR. S. Williams >>
digital library documentE. E. Davis, Glo Bryn >>

Oak Hill Fire Brick Company (1890)

Oak Hill Fire Brick Company (1890)
digital library documentCHAPTER 2: Iron Horses >>
digital library documentCHAPTER 3: "Old Jefferson" >>
digital library documentCHAPTER 4: Brick Plants >>
digital library documentCHAPTER 5: Clay Plants and Other Materials >>
digital library documentCHAPTER 6: Coal >>
digital library documentCHAPTER 7: Other Industries >>
digital library documentCHAPTER 8: Workers >>
digital library documentCHAPTER 9: Today >>
digital library documentBibliography >>
digital library documentIndex of the industries >>

Register and Minute Book of the Welsh Pioneers Association of the Counties of Trumbull and Mahoning, Ohio (1898-1922)

Register of the Welsh Pioneers

Register of the Welsh Pioneers
Many Welsh people were enticed to the industrial regions of north-east Ohio in the second half of the nineteenth century as the iron and coal plants of the counties of Trumbull and Mahoning offered plenty of work opportunities. Those who had emigrated from Glamorganshire and Gwent were obviously suitable workers in the smelting furnaces of Mineral Ridge and many other Welsh people were employed in the rolling mills of Youngstown and Niles.

The Register of the Welsh Pioneers in the Counties of Trumbull and Mahoning (NLW 21578E) was filled during the annual reunions of "Cymdeithas yr Hen Ardalwyr" (the Society of Residents of the Old Land) between 1898 and 1922.

The book has nearly 150 pages, divided into seven columns as follows:
Name - Enw;
Residence - Trigfan;
Age - Oedran;
Emigrated to U.S. - Ymfudo i'r U.D.;
Home in Wales - Cartref yng Nghymru;
Occupation - Galwedigaeth;
Remarks - Nodiadau.

digital library documentBrowse through the Register >> (English and Welsh)

The Minute Book of the Welsh Pioneers Association of the Counties of Trumbull and Mahoning has also been digitized (NLW 21577E). It includes the society's constitution and regulations, a list of members, the minutes of meetings held over a period of ten years and newspaper cuttings describing the annual reunions.

digital library documentBrowse through the Minute Book >> (Welsh; English newspaper cuttings)