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Churches and Sunday schools

Items from the Digital Library on the history of some of the churches and Sunday schools of the Welsh settlers in Ohio

William R. Evans, History of Welsh Settlements in Jackson and Gallia Counties, O. (Utica, 1896)

At the beginning of this book, we are given the history of the first Welsh people to settle in southeast Ohio and the development of the religious cause in that community.

Click on the links below to find out more about the churches, the ministers and the Sunday schools in these area:


Moriah Church, Jackson County, Ohio >>
Horeb Church, Jackson County, Ohio >>
Soar Church, Jackson County, Ohio >>
Centerville Church, Jackson County, Ohio >>
Bethel Church, Jackson County, Ohio >>
Sardis Church, Jackson County, Ohio >>
Bethania Church, Jackson County, Ohio >>
Oak Hill Church, Jackson County, Ohio >>
Ironton Church, Lawrence County, Ohio >>
Peniel Church, Gallia County, Ohio >>
Jackson Church, Jackson County, Ohio >>
Coalton Church, Jackson County, Ohio >>

Other churches >>

Preachers >>
The Sunday Schools >>
The Bible Society >>

L. D. Davies, Some facts with reference to the Welsh of Columbus, Ohio, from its earliest times up to 1860

This booklet was prepared for St David's Eisteddfod, held on the 1st March 1910. It includes information on the following churches:

Baptists' church (English) >>

"Union Church" (English) >>

The Church of the Calvinistic Methodists (English) >>

Our Heritage

Our Heritage

Evan E. Davis (ed.), Our Heritage: early history of Tyn Rhos Welsh Congregational Church and its neighborhood (1979)

A booklet recording the history of Tyn Rhos and the Welsh community in the Oak Hill area. It was published in 1979 to coincide with the celebrations in Aberaeron and Oak Hill in memory of the adventurous Welsh people who had emigrated to southeast Ohio between 1818 and 1848.
Browse through a digital copy of the booklet (English) >>

History of churches and Sunday schools in the Oak Hill and Centerville areas >>

The Saga of The Welsh Congregational Church

This short book, prepared by the Rev. Vincent Jones D.D., charts the history of the Welsh Congregationalist Church in Lawrence Street, Cincinnati between 1840 and 1952.

Click here to browse through the book (English) >>

The Saga of The Central South Welsh Congregational Association and Y Gymanfa

The Rev. Vincent Jones D.D., also prepared this publication. It gives some of the history of the churches of the Central South Welsh Congregational Association and the Gymanfa between 1840 and 1954.

Browse through the book (English) >>

Paddy's Run Congregational Church

Minute book / register of the Congregational Church in Paddy's Run, Shandon, Ohio, 1803-1900 (NLW Microfilm 401-02)