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Tyn Rhos

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The items which have been digitized as part of the Wales-Ohio Project have been divided into 4 different themes: the Voyage, Everyday Life, Worshipping and Industry.

The Voyage

Emigrating Poster

Crossing the Atlantic
A selection of materials from the Digital Library describing the voyage to America: the conditions on board ship, the other passengers, the weather, sea-sickness and the first impressions of the Welsh after landing.
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Everyday Life

A Shop in Oak Hill

Wooden Cabin, Gallia County
Starting a new life
Items describing the everyday life of the Welsh who had settled in the cities and rural areas of Ohio.
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A Gymanfa Ganu program (1972)
Tyn Rhos

Churches and Sunday Schools
The history of establishing Welsh Churches and Sunday Schools across the state.
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The Gymanfa Ganu
A selection of materials tracing the history of the hymn-singing festivals (the Gymanfa Ganu) in Ohio.
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A farm near Gomer
The Davis Fire Brick Company (1947)
The iron, coal and brick industries
Items on the pioneers in Oak Hill and the counties of Trumbull and Mahoning.
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The experiences of Welsh
farmers in Ohio.
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