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Welsh Hills

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  line1793-1818: Enclosing common land
1796: The Welsh settle in Paddy's Runline  
1801: The Welsh settle in Welsh Hillsline  
1812: The 1812 Warline  
  line1811: The Calvinistic Methodists establish a separate denomination
  line1815: Depression in rural areas following the Napoleonic Wars
1818: The Welsh settle in Jackson and Gallialine  
  line1819: The war of the little Englishman (1819-1829)
1833: The Welsh settle in Gomerline  
1835: Edward Jones visits the settlement in Jackson/Gallia Countyline  
  line1837: Y Teithiwr Americanaidd (The American Traveler) is published
  line1839: B. W. Chidlaw publishes Yr American
  line1839: More than 170 leave Cardiganshire from Aberaeron Harbor
  line1840: Ann Richards and her family emigrate to Ohio
1842: The Tyn Rhos Chapel is establishedline  
1846: William Bebb is elected the Governor of Ohioline  
1848: The Welsh settle in Van Wertline  
1851: The Drych is published for the first timeline  
1854: The Jefferson Furnace Company is formed in Jackson Countyline  
1861: The American Civil War (1861-1865)line